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Detrás del telón

Ana María Moix
Detrás del telón

Non-fiction, Trampa (November 2023)

En julio del año 2012 Ana María Moix impartió en Santander un curso de una semana, un taller de lectura y creación, en la Universidad Menéndez Pelayo. Lo tituló «Detrás del telón»; el título que se conserva aquí. Murió el 28 de febrero de 2014 y los materiales con que compuso el curso quedaron inéditos.

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Le dedico mi silencio

Mario Vargas Llosa
Le dedico mi silencio

Novel, Alfaguara (October 2023)

Mario Vargas Llosa's latest novel. A mystery that captures the contradictions of a whole country.

Toño Azpilcueta breathes and lives for Creole music and he is unquestionably its greatest authority and collector in Peru. But instead of this finding him a place among the Lima intelligentsia, he is only able to contribute with his vast knowledge to trashy magazines that pay him a pittance.

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La librería y la diosa

Paula Vázquez
La librería y la diosa / The Bookshop and the Goddess

Novel, Lumen (October 2023)

A moving memoir about motherhood, feminism and books.

Paula attends classes in a ceramics workshop with four other women, who chat and have tea together and mould the clay before firing their creations in the kiln. Not all of them come out well: thirty per cent of the pieces miscarry. At the age of thirty-six, Paula is also trying to get pregnant, but as sometimes happens with her ceramic pieces, she suffers successive miscarriages.

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Álvaro Mutis
Nocturna / Nocturne

Poetry, Kultrum-Zalipoli (October 2023)

In this volume, we collect the verses composed by Mutis between twilight and feverish insomnias, embracing the dark mantle that wrestles with the lamplight, conquering the day and enveloping everything. Behind that darkness, the contours of a landscape are revealed—sometimes dizzying, sometimes somber, but almost always accomplice and welcoming.

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Cien sonetos de amor (Ilustrado)

Pablo Neruda
Cien sonetos de amor (Ilustrado) / One Hundred Love Sonnets

Illustrated Book, Alma (September 2023)
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Tierra adentro

José Morella
Tierra adentro / Inland

Novel, Aristas Martínez (September 2023)

A woman subjected to the dangerous, destructive harassment of a man filled with hatred.

Violeta is hounded by a stalker, Salva, the mayor's son, who makes her life impossible. Not only does he shadow her on the social networks, but he also travels to the capital, where he has no reason to go, to mark Violeta's territory with his viscous, menacing presence: the university where she studies Physics, the routes she takes every day, and even the apartment that Violeta shares with her girlfriend.

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A casa teníem un himne

Maria Climent
A casa teníem un himne / We Had an Anthem

Novel, L'Altra (September 2023)

Who is brave enough to do the opposite of what they’ve always been taught? Three women, a mother and two sisters, and three ways of coping with adversity.

Without really understanding how she got there, Marga finds herself well into her thirties and wondering what exactly she is doing with her life, a question to which she cannot find an answer untainted by her usual acid cynicism. She is single, she works in a flower shop, and she misses – although she won’t admit it – the peaceful life of the village where she grew up, far from Barcelona.

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Carta d'hivern

Teresa Pous
Carta d'hivern / Carta de invierno

Novel, Viena (September 2023)

La historia de una ruptura que deja una profunda huella psicológica.

En diciembre de 2006, Rita Romans llega a San Petersburgo con la intención de escribir una carta a Víctor Fontclara. Tiene cincuenta años. Cuando ella tenía veinte y él veintisiete, comenzaron a salir. En ese momento, ella estudiaba Filosofía y él era crítico de ópera. Los unía la pasión por la música, la pintura y la literatura. Poco después de conocerse, se volvieron inseparables.

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Las sombras de la ciudad

Ángeles Gil
Las sombras de la ciudad / The Shadows of the City

Novel, Ediciones B (July 2023)

A superb noir thriller set in the Barcelona of the 1930s.

1938. Lola, the recent widow of a policeman killed in one of the aerial bombings that unleash chaos and destruction in Barcelona, decides to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an acquaintance, kidnapped at gunpoint by two thugs. The trail of the missing man leads Lola to Mika, a Polish woman who is being forced to prostitute herself in the brothels of the city's underworld.

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Las cartas del Boom (con Carlos Fuentes, Mario Vargas Llosa y Gabriel García Márquez)

Julio Cortázar
Las cartas del Boom (con Carlos Fuentes, Mario Vargas Llosa y Gabriel García Márquez)

Letters, Alfaguara (June 2023)

The exceptional correspondence between four great writers who were also great friends and allies. An invaluable testament to an incomparable epoch and generation.

Written between 1955 and 2012, the 207 letters in this book reproduce the friendship that was built up between four of the greatest boom writers, from different countries and each with his own narrative project.

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