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Las fieras

Clara Usón
Las fieras / The Beasts

Novel, Seix Barral (May 2024)

A terrorist with delusions of grandeur. A teenager searching for her place in the world. An astounding generational portrait of the Spain of the 1980s, marked by political violence and dreams of freedom.

Rather than the number of victims Idoia López Riaño murdered in cold blood it was her icy beauty that attracted the attention of the media. Nicknamed the Tigress, she was not only an ETA terrorist but also a celebrity. Her story and her life are reconstructed in this extraordinary novel alongside that of Miren, a teenager who strives to be accepted despite the stigma of her father being a police officer, socially an enemy of the Basque people.

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Cuando llegue la mañana

Juan Madrid
Cuando llegue la mañana / When Morning Comes

Novel, Alianza (May 2024)

The dark shadow of corruption looms over the streets of Madrid and the hallways of a prestigious private maternity clinic. When a young drug-addicted mother commits suicide after giving birth and there is no trace of the newborn, Toni Romano delves into a tangled labyrinth of intrigue and deceit. Thus begins a frenetic race against time as he strives to find the whereabouts of the infant before it's too late.

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Lo que pasó

Javier Ruescas
Lo que pasó / What Happened

Books for children and young readers, Crossbooks (May 2024)

A moving novel: the story of a homophobic assault.

In What Happened Javier Ruescas fearlessly explores the insidious effects of homophobia within law enforcement, shining a light on the plight of victims and the far-reaching consequences of discrimination. Drawing from personal experience, Ruescas delivers an emotionally charged tale that resonates on multiple levels.

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Una llum tímida

Àfrica Alonso
Una llum tímida / A Timid Light

Novel, Empúries (May 2024)

A beautiful story of impossible love. Two women united forever in the wrong epoch.

At the height of the Franco dictatorship, in a small Valencian town, two teachers, Isabel and Carmen, fall in love and begin a furtive affair, at a time when lesbianism was considered immoral and criminal and therefore almost unthinkable. Isabel is mature and brave, she has cut ties with her family and accepts herself just as she is. Carmen, on the other hand, is fragile and dependent.

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Soñar como sueñan los árboles

Brenda Lozano
Soñar como sueñan los árboles

Novel, Alfaguara (April 2024)

The lives of Gloria Felipe and Nuria Valencia intertwine around the kidnapping of a little girl that shakes the Mexican capital in the 1940s. Through a narrator who (in her own words) 'doesn't sing rancheras badly,' we witness the Miranda Felipe family's battle to recover their youngest member and the anxious upbringing of the Fernández Valencia family to save their own daughter from a potential danger that the police haven't been able to stop, reported by the media in the tone of a thriller.

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Prohibida en Normandía

Rosario Raro
Prohibida en Normandía / Forbidden in Normandy

Novel, Planeta (April 2024)

Una historia de amor en tiempos de guerra basada en la vida de la corresponsal de guerra más célebre de la historia.

Martha Gellhorn se negó a ser una nota a pie de página en la nutrida biografía de su marido, Ernest Hemingway. No estaba hecha para ser una solícita ama de casa, había cubierto como reportera la Gran Depresión y la guerra civil española, y ahora, en 1944, estaba firmemente comprometida en la lucha contra Hitler.

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Una ombra blanca

Carme Riera
Una ombra blanca / A White Shadow

Novel, Edicions 62 (April 2024)

The secrets of a diva. A life of success and fame marked by a childhood trauma. 

After losing her voice and surviving a heart attack, the world-famous soprano Barbara Simpson decides to take a break and review some unresolved issues in her life, with the help of her mother's diaries.

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Cuentos verdaderos

Rosa Montero
Cuentos verdaderos / True Tales

Journalistic Work, Alfaguara (March 2024)

Cuentos verdaderos (True Tales) brings together the chronicles and reports that Rosa Montero, one of the most important voices in journalism and literature of recent decades, published in El País during the period 1978-1988. Written mostly with the techniques of the best fiction and with the urgency to tell the news already in the past, they are read today as if they were stories. It is literature breaking through impetuously.

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A Rilke, variaciones

Rafael Cadenas
A Rilke, variaciones / To Rilke, Variations

Anthology / Selection, Galaxia Gutenberg (March 2024)

In this anthology the Venezuelan poet Rafael Cadenas describes the hesitant manner in which he initially approached the work of Rainer Maria Rilke, the absolute protagonist of this book, which is simultaneously a tribute, critical reading, and testimony of an elective – and spiritual – affinity that has endured for decades. Cadenas' writing, always intense and austere, is sharpened even further in the poems that articulate this moving and powerful dialogue with the author of Elegías de Duino, one of the central poets of the 20th century.

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Conversaciones en el tiempo

Ana María Moix
Conversaciones en el tiempo / Conversations Across Time

Journalistic Work, Amarillo (March 2024)

In the early 1970s, Ana María Moix conducted a series of interviews for Tele/eXprés with prominent figures in culture: Gabriel García Márquez, Ana María Matute, Max Aub, Mario Vargas Llosa, Rosa Chacel, Jaime Gil de Biedma, Juan Marsé, Salvador Dalí, Nuria Espert, Pere Gimferrer, Eugenio Trías...

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