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En Delos no puedes morir

Javier Ruescas
En Delos no puedes morir / In Delos You Can’t Die

Books for children and young readers, Audible (November 2020)

In Delos death does not exist. It is a model community in the north of the world, where there is no place for suffering, no disease and no pain. The people of Delos are happy. And Oliver too, until his best friend leaves and he decides to go looking for him... without realising that it will be a journey of no return. 

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Història de la Segona República Espanyola (1929-1933

Josep Pla
Història de la Segona República Espanyola (1929-1933

Non-fiction, Destino (November 2020)

Manuscrito original en catalán inacabado.
Un testimonio revelador sobre el posicionamiento de Pla durante la Guerra Civil.

En las postrimerías de la Guerra Civil Josep Pla redactó, por encargo de Francesc Cambó, una Historia de la Segunda República española; el libro se publicó en cuatro volúmenes, entre 1940 y 1941, en la editorial Destino, y no se ha reeditado nunca. Recientemente se ha descubierto, entre los papeles del autor, un manuscrito original del primer tercio de la obra...

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Mujeres del alma mía

Isabel Allende
Mujeres del alma mía / The Soul of a Woman

Non-fiction, Plaza & Janés (November 2020)

Why is Isabel Allende a feminist? With an irresistible mix of humour, lucidity and wisdom, this essay bears witness to a whole life dedicated to fighting for a fairer, more equal world.

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Imma Monsó
Germanes / Sisters

Novel, Enciclopèdia Catalana (November 2020)

All happy families are alike, except at Christmas, when each of the in-laws makes them unhappy in their own way.

When each year draws to a close, Rita indulges herself in an inconfessable dream that she zealously nourishes but never dares to realise: to spend Christmas Eve alone in her Barcelona flat, in her pajamas, eating chips and reading by the radiator. 

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Gloria bendita

Juan Madrid
Gloria bendita

Novel, Alianza Editorial (October 2020)

María, a former athlete who scrapes a living by doing odd jobs, has attracted the attention of the Emeritus. Secret mechanisms are set in motion to satisfy royal desires, under the control of Commissioner Romero, a complex character at the service of the powerful, who, together with his faithful and ineffable wife, pulls the strings from the shadows and plans often illegal but always lucrative business transactions.

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Todas as Cartas

Clarice Lispector
Todas as Cartas / All the Letters

Letters, Rocco (October 2020)

All the Letters brings together the correspondence written by Clarice Lispector throughout her life. This selection of letters, of which about half are unknown to the public, provides a basic resource for understanding the author's literary career.

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Los cinco continentes del amor (con Francesc Miralles)

Javier Ruescas
Los cinco continentes del amor (con Francesc Miralles) / The Five Continents of Love

Books for children and young readers, Nube de Tinta (October 2020)

The definitive map to understanding love. A successor to the fables of Paulo Coelho and Jostein Gaarder.

Olimpia does not understand why her father, who abandoned her and her mother two months previously to embark on a sea voyage without giving any explanation, shows no sign of life even on the day she turns 18...

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Berta Marsé
Encargo / Entreaty

Novel, Anagrama (October 2020)

Two teenagers, friends and rivals, united by a sinister and terrible event.

The destinies of Desiré and Yésica are forever linked together when one of them is kidnapped. Yésica, the beautiful, intelligent girl who gets the best grades in high school, is abducted when leaving a concert, while Desiré, who is quite the opposite, returns home safe and sound on that night.

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Um Dia Chegarei a Sagres

Nélida Piñon
Um Dia Chegarei a Sagres

Novel, Record (October 2020)

Portugal, 19th century. Mateus, a young peasant, the son of a prostitute accused of witchcraft, is brought up by his grandfather Vicente, a man without studies but a lover of nature and the Portuguese language, who struggles to give his grandson an education.

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Sin muertos

Alicia Giménez Bartlett
Sin muertos / No Deaths

Novel, Destino (October 2020)

Who is Petra Delicado? This enigmatic question presents the best-selling police inspector with her toughest challenge. Pure noir, 100% crime-free.

What we know about Petra Delicado is that she is a veteran homicide detective and that her contradictions are illustrated by her first and last names (which mean “stone” and “delicate”, respectively). She has always abhorred marriage and yet she has been married three times.

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