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Dioses contra microbios. Los griegos y el Covid 19

Alejandro Gándara
Dioses contra microbios. Los griegos y el Covid 19 / Gods Against Microbes. Eros and Covid-19

Non-fiction, Ariel (September 2020)

A dazzling, provocative essay that revisits the ancient world to draw the lessons that this century cannot give us.

In the 5th century BC, any Athenian who reached the age of 50 was a born survivor: he would have participated in two or three wars and survived a plague in which half the population perished, seen his city burnt to ashes, rebuilt and destroyed again, and misery and hunger were part of the natural cycle of life.

In the 21st century, we take change badly, from a simple house move to a divorce or illness.

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Una historia de la mentira

Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel
Una historia de la mentira / A History of Lying

Non-fiction, Alianza (September 2020)

The only essay in which the abundance of deceptions and falsifications on its pages is a guarantee of its achievements and virtues.

When Epimenides stated that all Cretans were liars, he created a serious quandary for the philosophers of his time, and those of later centuries. Since Epimenides was Cretan, was he telling the truth or lying? This mendacious Cretan was not the first to theorise about lying...

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Beethoven. Un músico sobre un mar de nubes

Ramon Gener
Beethoven. Un músico sobre un mar de nubes / Beethoven. A Musician on a Sea of Clouds

Non-fiction, Random Comics (September 2020)

Beethoven’s life and music recounted by the unusual voice of the most recognized and best-liked music populariser in Spain.

Illustrated by Fernando Vicente.

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Viaje al sur

Juan Marsé
Viaje al sur

Non-fiction, Lumen (September 2020)

In 1962 Juan Marsé toured the provinces of Seville, Cadiz and Malaga accompanied by his friend Antonio Pérez and the photographer Albert Ripoll Guspi. His intention was to write an account of that trip, interspersing photographs and headlines from the Francoist press in such a way that his story would penetrate the reality silenced by officialdom. 

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La buena suerte

Rosa Montero
La buena suerte / Good Fortune

Novel, Alfaguara (August 2020)

A moving story of love and atonement. 

Looking out of the window of a train during a brief stop at the station of a god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere, run-down and absolutely ugly, a passenger notices a sign advertising a flat for sale. Pablo, 54, a prestigious architect from Madrid who is traveling to give a conference, decides that this hellhole is a good place to abandon himself to the pain that is eating him away. 

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Medio siglo con Borges

Mario Vargas Llosa
Medio siglo con Borges / Half a Century with Borges

Non-fiction, Alfaguara (July 2020)

One of the most extraordinary writers of the 20th century, Jorge Luis Borges, seen through the eyes of Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa.

“Although absolute perfection does not seem to belong to this world, even in the works of the greatest artists, if anyone came close to achieving it, it was Borges.” 

“This collection of articles, conferences, reviews and notes bears witness to over half a century of reading an author who has been an endless source of pleasure for me since I read his first stories and essays in the Lima of the 1950s...

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La posesión de la vida

Jesús Ferrero
La posesión de la vida

Novel, Siruela (June 2020)

Llegamos al mundo como un papel pautado sobre el que poder plasmar una melodía: la nuestra. En ella intervendrán los demás, sobre todo al comienzo, pero llegará un momento en que también nosotros mismos le iremos añadiendo frases a la música, siempre problemática, de nuestra estructura vital. A veces la influencia ajena y los errores personales ahogarán nuestra identidad, impidiéndonos poseer una vida propia...

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El mal de Corcira

Lorenzo Silva
El mal de Corcira

Novel, Planeta (June 2020)

The tenth novel in Lorenzo Silva's acclaimed crime series, with 2,000,000 readers and three film adaptations, takes us back to the years of terror in the Basque Country.

After a failed operation in which his most important accomplice, Sergeant Virginia Chamorro, is hospitalised with a bullet wound, Second Lieutenant Bevilacqua travels to Formentera, where a former ETA collaborator has been savagely murdered on a beach.

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Viaje a la Grecia clásica

Antonio Penadés
Viaje a la Grecia clásica

Travel, Almuzara (June 2020)

Viaje a la Grecia clásica. En este libro, tal y como hizo en Tras las huellas de Heródoto tras su periplo por Asia Menor, Antonio Penadés sigue el itinerario del ejército de Jerjes y narra de un modo vivaz su paso por Alexandrópolis, Dorisco, Abdera, Kavala, isla de Tasos, Filipos, Drama, Anfípolis, Estagira, canal de Jerjes, Ouranópolis, Olinto, Potidea, Casandra, Tesalónica, Pella, Goumenissa, Idomeni, Edessa, Naoussa, Vergina, Díon y monte Olimpo. Un viaje en solitario que alcanza momentos muy intensos, sobre todo en la frontera de Idomeni y en el monasterio de Iviron, en la península teocrática de Athos, donde los monjes ortodoxos viven igual que en plena época bizantina.

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Rodrigo Blanco Calderón
Simpatía / Sympathy

Novel, Alfaguara (May 2020)

Rodrigo Blanco has established  himself as one of the leading voices in Latin American literature, and Simpatía seems poised to become the great novel of the death throes of Venezuela and the collapse of Chavism.

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