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Miquel de Palol

Poetry, Bartleby (October 2021)

Miquel de Palol, uno de los poetas mayores de la lengua catalana, realiza en este libro un ejercicio de lenguaje que nos fascina y envuelve incluso en sus momentos de mayor irracionalidad. En catalán o en castellano (certera y afilada la labor de Isabel Pérez Montalbán y Curro Fortuny, los traductores), cada poema es un acto de deslumbramiento. Un alarde de lenguaje que interroga al mundo. Una muestra del poder revelador de la palabra.

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Epitelis tendríssims i Contra l'amor en companyia i altres relats

Carme Riera
Epitelis tendríssims i Contra l'amor en companyia i altres relats / Epitelios tiernísimos y Contra el amor en compañía y otros relatos

Anthology / Selection, Edicions 62 (October 2021)

Epitelios tiernísimos (1981) agrupa siete cuentos de tono humorístico y tema erótico, pretendidamente intrascendentes; unos relatos lúdicos, llenos de ironía sobre el placer y el universo de los sentidos. Los diecinueve cuentos de Contra l’amor en companyia i altres relats (1991), en cambio, se articulan alrededor del placer de la escritura o la lectura

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El libro de Carmen Laforet. Vista por sí misma

Carmen Laforet
El libro de Carmen Laforet. Vista por sí misma / The Carmen Laforet Book. Seen Through Her Own Eyes

Biography / Memoirs, Destino (September 2021)

Carmen Laforet, her life out of the spotlight

This moving biography of Carmen Laforet, prepared by her son Agustín Cerezales, coincides with the centenary of the birth of one of the most important and also most enigmatic writers of Spanish literature.

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La capacidad de amar del Sr. Königsberg

Juan Jacinto Muñoz-Rengel
La capacidad de amar del Sr. Königsberg / The Capacity for Love of Mr Königsberg

Novel, Alianza Editorial (September 2021)

An original, hilarious cross between Bartleby, the Scrivener, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Paul Königsberg is the perfect employee: punctual, methodical and obsessive, and so attached to his work that he is incapable of even saying “hello” to the office colleague he has been in love with for years.

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El árbol de los sueños

Gustavo Martín Garzo
El árbol de los sueños

Novel, Gutenberg (September 2021)

Una madre les cuenta historias a sus dos hijos cada noche. Son historias que ha ido escuchando a lo largo de sus viajes, ya que a pesar de su juventud ha recorrido gran parte del mundo. Historias donde las cosas soñadas conviven con naturalidad con las reales, hasta el punto de que no es fácil distinguirlas entre sí. En ellas se habla, por ejemplo, de una reina que visita a Salomón para que le ayude a completar un poema cuyo primer verso ha soñado su hermana poco antes de morir, de los eunucos que entretienen a las esposas del faraón en la Casa de la Vida, de héroes griegos ...

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Existiríamos el mar

Belén Gopegui
Existiríamos el mar

Novel, Literatura Random House (September 2021)

Because it would be possible to live differently. 

A heart-warming novel about loyalty and living together.

In a neighbourhood in Madrid, Lena, Hugo, Ramiro, Camelia and Jara have managed to turn the flat they share into a communal living space. They are all in their forties and they live together out of necessity and also because it is part of their way of understanding coexistence and personal relationships.

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Últimes notícies del Chaco

Carles Casajuana
Últimes notícies del Chaco / Latest News of Chaco

Novel, Proa (September 2021)

Since time immemorial an indigenous tribe has lived on the land that is now the legal property of a multinational. And so whom does it belong to? A highly intelligent novel about justice and morality in the globalised world.

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No em busquis

Sara Medina
No em busquis / Don’t Look For Me

Novel, Rosa dels Vents (August 2021)

A fast-paced thriller with many contrasts, about two very different women who are forced to reach an understanding in a search against the clock. 

Silvia, an executive who lives in the highest and wealthiest part of Barcelona, discovers that her son Martí has missed his last session of rehabilitation treatment, which he has been receiving for many months. Then her worst fears are confirmed: Martí has disappeared without trace. The only news she has from him is a message that says: “Don't look for me.”

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Miquel de Palol
Copèrnic / Copernicus

Novel, Proa (June 2021)

What if the Mr Hyde hiding inside you had his own voice and expressed out loud everything you had repressed during your whole life? 

The peaceful life of Toni Radiguet, a married man with children who have already fled the nest, is turned upside down when a pimple appears on the nape of his neck. 

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A Farewell to Gabo and Mercedes

Rodrigo García
A Farewell to Gabo and Mercedes

Biography / Memoirs, Harper Via / Literatura Random House (May 2021)

In March 2014, Gabriel García Márquez, one of the most acclaimed writers of the twentieth century, came down with a cold. The woman who had been by his side for more than fifty years, his wife, Mercedes Barcha, was not hopeful; her husband, affectionately known as “Gabo,” was then nearly eighty-seven and battling dementia. “I don’t think we’ll get out of this one,” she told their son Rodrigo. 

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