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Notas para unas memorias que nunca escribiré

Juan Marsé
Notas para unas memorias que nunca escribiré

Biography / Memoirs, Lumen (March 2021)

Marsé inédito

El pensamiento y la intimidad de uno de los grandes escritores españoles de hoy y el retrato de un país en un año muy especial.

«Uno de los libros más esperados de la temporada [de la mano de] una de las grandes voces de la literatura española del siglo XX.» Víctor Fernández, La Razón

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Santiago Beruete

Non-fiction, Turner (March 2021)

Our innate desire to learn defines us as a species.

What we should teach the new generations is an ongoing daily debate in many quarters, though it is rarely related to the life and society we long for. We all know, but we often forget that a philosophical approach and a critical spirit are perennial requisites for the future, however unpredictable the latter may be.

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Javier Cercas
Independencia / Prey for the Shadow

Novel, Tusquets (March 2021)

Melchor Marín is back, the maverick, ill-starred hero of the best-selling Terra Alta

Melchor Marín became a police officer for just one reason: to avenge the murder of his mother...

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Els angles morts

Borja Bagunyà
Els angles morts / Dead Angles

Novel, Periscopi (March 2021)

Packed with pitiless, corrosive humour, Els angles morts is the confirmation of the enormous talent of one of the most striking and original voices in Catalan fiction.

Sesé and Morella have been married for more than twenty years and understand each other perfectly. Her supervision of an unusual birth while on night duty prompts Sesé, an eminent gynaecologist, to begin to reconsider not only the routine in which she has been trapped for years but also the deeper meaning of medical practice and the motives underlying her own professional work.

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Donde no hago pie

Belén López Peiró
Donde no hago pie / Where I Can't Touch Bottom

Novel, Lumen (March 2021)

After a year without any updates, a call from the Prosecutor's Office announces that the sexual abuse complaint has finally gone to trial. That wintry morning marks the beginning of another grueling process for the narrator: finding legal representation, navigating the bureaucratic intricacies of the justice system, building a support network to confront the case against her powerful uncle, a high-ranking police officer, and summoning the courage to reopen a file that leads to the family's past.

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Bellísimo Hervé

Olga Guirao
Bellísimo Hervé

Novel, Egales (February 2021)

Este relato, crónica de la vida de Fonsi Trebi, un escritor gay nacido a principios de la década de los sesenta, es como una cámara del tiempo por la que transcurren casi cincuenta años a caballo entre dos siglos: el sida, el amor, cierta amistad, fundida en una suerte de paternidad foucaultiana, y sobre todo el mundo de la literatura, en esa mítica Barcelona de los escritores, editores y agentes, que parece agonizar sin remedio, pero no tanto como para que no siga sonando, fuerte y clara, la imperecedera voz de los escritores muertos.

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Una habitación ajena

Alicia Giménez Bartlett
Una habitación ajena / Someone Else's Room

Novel, Lumen (February 2021)

Lumen’s Women’s Award, 1997 ; Ostia Mare Award, 2004 

An original portrait of Virginia Woolf as seen through the eyes of her maid.

For eighteen years, Nelly Boxall worked as cook and servant to Virginia Woolf and her husband, Leonard Woolf, and an unusual love-hate relationship developed between the two women, about which we find abundant references in the writer’s diaries.

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Les estructures elementals de la narrativa

Albert Sánchez Piñol
Les estructures elementals de la narrativa / The Elementary Structures of Narrative

Non-fiction, La Campana (January 2021)

All the secrets of story-telling from the author of Cold Skin 

Many writing and scriptwriting manuals promise magic formulas that are supposed to guarantee the success of your story. Les estructures elementals de la narrativa is no exception, except for a couple of details: the formula it proposes is not magic, but rather a scheme that is as simple as it is revealing because it holds all the secrets of narrative efficiency. 

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Poesía completa: Tomo V (1969-1974)

Pablo Neruda
Poesía completa: Tomo V (1969-1974) / Complete Poetry Vol. 5

Poetry, Seix Barral (January 2021)

The revised, definitive edition of Pablo Neruda's complete poetry.

Half a century has gone by since Pablo Neruda was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1971 and this fiftieth anniversary coincides with the publication of a revised edition, including unpublished poems, of the final volume of his complete poetry. 



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José Ovejero
Humo / Smoke

Novel, Galaxia Gutenberg (January 2021)

A post-apocalyptic story possessing a rawness and sensitivity comparable to Cormac McCarthy's The Road  

A woman and a child survive in a secluded cabin in the woods. He is not her son and they hardly know each other. If she has taken him in, it is because neither of them has anyone else. 

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