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Poesía completa: Tomo V (1969-1974)

Pablo Neruda
Poesía completa: Tomo V (1969-1974) / Complete Poetry Vol. 5

Poetry, Seix Barral (January 2021)

The revised, definitive edition of Pablo Neruda's complete poetry.

Half a century has gone by since Pablo Neruda was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1971 and this fiftieth anniversary coincides with the publication of a revised edition, including unpublished poems, of the final volume of his complete poetry. 



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José Ovejero
Humo / Smoke

Novel, Galaxia Gutenberg (January 2021)

A post-apocalyptic story possessing a rawness and sensitivity comparable to Cormac McCarthy's The Road  

A woman and a child survive in a secluded cabin in the woods. He is not her son and they hardly know each other. If she has taken him in, it is because neither of them has anyone else. 

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La mesa del olvido y otros cuentos de amor

Marcelo Birmajer
La mesa del olvido y otros cuentos de amor

Short stories and novellas, Edhasa (December 2020)

El diablo está en los detalles, pero el amor también. En los detalles, y en el azar de un encuentro, en eso que se produce a pesar de la voluntad. Es una puerta de entrada, la mejor manera de entender los propósitos de una vida; o de extraviarlos por completo. Las paradojas de conquistar lo inconveniente o buscar incansablemente lo que ya tenemos. Pasiones que sobreviven a la muerte y otras que la provocan. Los disfraces que en rigor son nuestra esencia.

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Swimming Pool

John Berger
Swimming Pool

Illustrated Book, Objectif (November 2020)

'This is a book about painting and swimming and how touch and voice can make light. It is about the way thoughts can drift to Cambodia and Gaza while doing the lengths in a public pool in Paris; how a Sho paint brush can turn into a bird and how the act of painting and swimming is like starting life all over again. Dive into this essential, desirable conversation between John Berger and Leon Kossoff and you will feel ever invigorated.’ Deborah Levy (from the Introduction)

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Camino a Macondo

Gabriel García Márquez
Camino a Macondo / The Road to Macondo

Short stories and novellas, Literatura Random House (November 2020)

“[...] what lies between Leaf Storm and One Hundred Years of Solitude is around fifteen years of getting annoyed a lot, living a lot and being aware of this every day, trying to see how things were.” Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez stated on several occasions that nothing interesting happened to him after the age of eight...

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Por qué volvías cada verano

Belén López Peiró
Por qué volvías cada verano / Why Did You Come Back Every Summer

Novel, Las afueras (November 2020)

Why You Came Back Every Summer describes the abuse the author was subjected to during her adolescence by a relative who was in the police force, as well as the consequences that this case had for her family and social environment. 

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En Delos no puedes morir

Javier Ruescas
En Delos no puedes morir / In Delos You Can’t Die

Books for children and young readers, Audible (November 2020)

In Delos death does not exist. It is a model community in the north of the world, where there is no place for suffering, no disease and no pain. The people of Delos are happy. And Oliver too, until his best friend leaves and he decides to go looking for him... without realising that it will be a journey of no return. 

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Història de la Segona República Espanyola (1929-1933

Josep Pla
Història de la Segona República Espanyola (1929-1933

Non-fiction, Destino (November 2020)

Manuscrito original en catalán inacabado.
Un testimonio revelador sobre el posicionamiento de Pla durante la Guerra Civil.

En las postrimerías de la Guerra Civil Josep Pla redactó, por encargo de Francesc Cambó, una Historia de la Segunda República española; el libro se publicó en cuatro volúmenes, entre 1940 y 1941, en la editorial Destino, y no se ha reeditado nunca. Recientemente se ha descubierto, entre los papeles del autor, un manuscrito original del primer tercio de la obra...

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Imma Monsó
Germanes / Sisters

Novel, Enciclopèdia Catalana (November 2020)

All happy families are alike, except at Christmas, when each of the in-laws makes them unhappy in their own way.

When each year draws to a close, Rita indulges herself in an inconfessable dream that she zealously nourishes but never dares to realise: to spend Christmas Eve alone in her Barcelona flat, in her pajamas, eating chips and reading by the radiator. 

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Gloria bendita

Juan Madrid
Gloria bendita

Novel, Alianza Editorial (October 2020)

María, a former athlete who scrapes a living by doing odd jobs, has attracted the attention of the Emeritus. Secret mechanisms are set in motion to satisfy royal desires, under the control of Commissioner Romero, a complex character at the service of the powerful, who, together with his faithful and ineffable wife, pulls the strings from the shadows and plans often illegal but always lucrative business transactions.

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