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Terra Alta

Javier Cercas
Terra Alta / Even the Darkest Night

Novel, Planeta (November 2019)

Planeta Prize 2019

With Terra Alta, Cercas begins a series of crime fiction books and returns to the purest fiction, more in line with the stories of The Mobile or his first novel, The Tenant.

Javier Cercas wanted to turn around his narrative, and has surpassed himself. He has written a great detective novel with all the elements of the genre, but his voice is recognizable and, above all, his great themes and obsessions, such as deception, false betrayal, ambiguity of the law or redemption. 

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El jardín de los enigmas

Antonio Garrido
El jardín de los enigmas / The Garden of Enigmas

Novel, Espasa (November 2019)

What deadly secrets lie hidden in a simple bouquet of flowers? A fast-paced thriller set in Victorian England.

In mid-19th century industrial London, Rick Hunter is a bounty hunter who makes his living selling to the highest bidder, motivated by a dark thirst for vengeance. After escaping a deadly ambush, a strange clue takes him to the exclusive florist shop, Passion of the East, whose proprietress is an expert in the language of flowers. Her powerful, aristocratic clients go to her eager to discreetly communicate their secret passions through messages encoded in the composition of floral centrepieces.

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Fernando Fernán Gómez

Theatre, Galaxia Gutenberg (November 2019)

Este volumen reúne por primera vez el teatro de Fernando Fernán Gómez. Contiene, además de todas las obras dramáticas publicadas en vida del autor (algunas de la magnitud de La coartada o de la trascendencia de la aplaudidísima Las bicicletas son para el verano), otros muchos textos que fueron llevados a escena pero que permanecieron inéditos (tal es el caso de Ojos de bosque o de Del rey Ordás y su infamia) y, también, una serie de grandes descubrimientos (RelámpagosSoldado…) hasta ahora desconocidos y, por tanto, nunca representados ni editados.

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El negociado del yin y el yang

Eduardo Mendoza
El negociado del yin y el yang

Novel, Seix Barral (October 2019)

Eduardo Mendoza continues the series that started with El rey recibe, travelling in an extraordinarily lucid way and with a great sense of humor through some historical, cultural and social moments of the twentieth century from the personal experience of the protagonist, the trustworthy Rufo Battle.

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Tiempos recios

Mario Vargas Llosa
Tiempos recios / Harsh Times

Novel, Alfaguara (October 2019)

A great political novel on a par with The Feast of the Goat.

Guatemala, 1950s. In spite of his efforts to establish a solid, lasting democracy, President Jacobo Árbenz is falsely accused by the United States’ propaganda machine of being a communist and a Soviet link in Latin America. Behind his back, a coup d’état is being planned, involving the Eisenhower Administration, the CIA, the dictator of the Dominican Republic, Leónidas Trujillo (nicknamed The Goat), and a mediocre general, Carlos Castillo Armas, designated as the puppet who will take command of the country...

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José Ovejero
Insurrección / Insurrection

Novel, Galaxia Gutenberg (October 2019)

A harsh portrait of the world being inherited by the new generations.

Ana is seventeen, and does not like the world around her. She rejects a mother who thinks she can save the planet by selling handbags made of recycled materials, and a father who resigns himself to ever-deteriorating working conditions on the radio. That’s why she leaves a home that should theoretically protect her, and moves into a squatter house.

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Estudio en negro

José Carlos Somoza
Estudio en negro / A Study in Black

Novel, Espasa (October 2019)

Somoza is back and at his best with the first book in a trilogy inspired by the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

England, 1900s. Nurse Anne McCarey, weary of life in London and fleeing a stormy relationship, accepts a job caring for a patient at an exclusive clinic for the mentally ill in Southsea, in the coastal city of Portsmouth. For someone with her experience, the work couldn’t be easier.

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Ella pisó la luna

Belén Gopegui
Ella pisó la luna / She Walked on the Moon

Non-fiction, Literatura Random House (October 2019)

A love letter to a mother, a sister, and all those anonymous women whose achievements never see the light of day.

This essay is the product of a lecture delivered by Belén Gopegui in Madrid, as part of the series Women Aren’t Muses, and Men Aren’t Geniuses Either (2019). In it, the author draws on oral and family memory to reflect on the life and fate of her parents: Luis Ruiz de Gopegui, a reputable NASA astrophysicist, and Margarita Durán, a brilliant woman in the shadow who began caring for a daughter with cerebral palsy from a very young age.

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Teresa Solana

Novel, Alrevés (October 2019)

The third novel of Norma Forester Crime Series set during the political conflict in Catalonia in October 2017.

The murder of a suspected retired actor which, in fact, seems more like a robbery gone wrong, will force the inspector of the Catalan Police, Norma Forester, and her team to move to the Gràcia neighbourhood to initiate the investigation. The case will get complicated when they discover that the victim lived under a false identity...

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A Outra Margem do Mar

António Lobo Antunes
A Outra Margem do Mar / La otra orilla del mar

Novel, Dom Quixote (September 2019)

The Other Margin of the Sea recovers the beginning of the upheaval in Baixa do Cassanje, Angola. The novel thus falls on incidents that occurred before the colonial war, when large cotton plantations were burnt, events that were significant to the unfolding of the conflict.

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