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Homenatge als caiguts

Albert Sánchez Piñol
Homenatge als caiguts

Short stories and novellas, Rosa dels Vents (September 2019)

80 stories to read in two minutes, from the author of Victus and La pell freda

Written to be read on the radio.

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Vidas de gatos

Silvia Arazi
Vidas de gatos / The Lives of Cats

Books for children and young readers, Planeta (July 2019)

When I finished writing the poems for The Lives of Cats I left them asleep in their room, until, in the middle of the night, they woke me up with their meows: the poems asked to become a song!

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Los nombres de las cosas que allí había

Antonio Skármeta
Los nombres de las cosas que allí había / The Names of the Things that Were There

Short stories and novellas, Alfaguara (July 2019)

Each of the stories in this book is an extraordinary piece of literature. Love, youth, desire, and freedom, along with versatile prose, sensitivity, and a subtle irony that sometimes morphs into dark humour, confirm Antonio Skármeta’s position as one of the greatest storytellers in contemporary literature.

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Permiso para retirarme. Antimemorias III

Alfredo Bryce Echenique
Permiso para retirarme. Antimemorias III / Permission to retire. Antimemoir III

Biography / Memoirs, Anagrama (June 2019)

 Permiso para retirarme is the literary farewell of Alfredo Bryce Echenique, who announces his retirement from the creative field after more than five decades of delighting his readers and building a lasting literary work.



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Una madre protectora

Guillermo Martínez
Una madre protectora

Novel, Planeta (June 2019)

Una madre protectora is the novella that concludes Guillermo Martínez’s book Una felicidad repulsiva (A Repulsive Happiness), which was awarded the first prestigious Gabriel García Márquez Prize. It was adapted for film in 2019 by director Sebastián Schindel, in a Netflix production titled The Son.

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Luis Goytisolo

Short stories and novellas, Anagrama (May 2019)

Sparks, vignettes, details of everyday life observed without mercy, with humor and a few touches of eroticism and eschatology.

The monologues of someone who observes, half-heard dialogues, hodgepodges, fragments, details of a reality that often kindle sparks. Sarcastic texts, as brief as they are blunt, that record the universal nonsense without condemning it (since the readers are the ones who have to draw their own conclusions), drawing a sad picture before which, as Seneca says in the sentence attributed to him that closes the book: “You have to know how to make fun of life, and if you do that, it can even be funny.”

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Después de Kim

Ángeles González-Sinde
Después de Kim / After Kim

Novel, Duomo (May 2019)

John and Geraldine are divorced and have been ignoring each other for years, even though they both live in London and have a daughter together. Their quiet lives are shattered when they get the news that their daughter, who’s been living in Spain for years, has been murdered.

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Si esto es una mujer (con Noemí Trujillo)

Lorenzo Silva
Si esto es una mujer (con Noemí Trujillo) / If This is a Woman

Novel, Destino (May 2019)

The first novel in a new detective series written by bestselling Spanish author Lorenzo Silva with Noemí Trujillo.

A new heroine faces a case inspired by a real murder that shook Spain.

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Pablo Neruda
Bestiario / Bestiary

Illustrated Book, Libros del Zorro Rojo (May 2019)

The value of the twelve odes that make up this Bestiary does not lie in the fabulousness of the animals that it comprises, but in the transversal journey of the work in which the deepest character of the poet unfolds.

The delicate work of Luis Scafati reveals a careful reading on the work of the Chilean poet.



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Javier Ruescas
Esencial / Essential

Books for children and young readers, Random Comics (April 2019)

Who wouldn't want to participate in a contest that brings out the best in you? Essential promises you that. That, and a million followers who are going to fall in love with your new self.


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