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El sueño de Sancho

Manuel Lozano Leyva
El sueño de Sancho

Non-fiction, Debate (March 2019)

Seeing is believing or believing is seeing?

An irreverent story about the eternal conflict between science and the belief system.

Without an academic spirit, Lozano Leyva shows the origin, the development and, in many cases, the extinction of the answers that humanity has been giving to the questions that interested him the most.

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El amor en los tiempos del cólera (Edición ilustrada)

Gabriel García Márquez
El amor en los tiempos del cólera (Edición ilustrada)

Illustrated Book, LITERATURA RANDOM HOUSE (March 2019)

A commemorative edition of Love in the Times of Cholera, a great classic by Gabriel García Márquez and an essential novel of contemporary literature.

"It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love."

That is how one of the most wonderful love stories in world literature begins. An unrequited love story that lasts for half a century with a little Caribbean port town as the background.

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El libro de Gila. Antología tragicómica de obra y vida

Miguel Gila
El libro de Gila. Antología tragicómica de obra y vida / The book of Gila. A Tragicomic Anthology of his Life and Works

Anthology / Selection, Blackie Books (March 2019)

The life and works of an ingenious author who overcame poverty, hunger, war, death and depression during the worst moments of the 20thcentury Spain, with only one weapon to defend himself: laughter. 

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Carne Crua

Rubem Fonseca
Carne Crua / Raw Meat

Short stories and novellas, Nova Fronteira (March 2019)

Rubem Fonseca is a true master in the art of exfoliating the skin of words to leave his stories raw. In his latest book, the author has collected twenty-six texts that, while maintaining the harshness of murders, betrayals and social injustices, also contribute to the desire of discoveries, the softness of love stories and the change of perspective with the poetry.

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Les pompes del diable

Carles Casajuana
Les pompes del diable

Novel, Destino (March 2019)

An essential comedy about the miseries of political power.

In a Barcelona governed by corrupt politicians, dishonest developers, and all manner of opportunists and swindlers, Serafí Serratosa receives an unexpected job offer. His friend, Baltasar, who’s now the city’s deputy mayor, offers him a chief of staff position so he can put an end to corruption.

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Los crímenes de Alicia

Guillermo Martínez
Los crímenes de Alicia / The Oxford Brotherhood

Novel, Destino (March 2019)

Oxford, 1994. In the Lewis Carroll Brotherhood, a series of crimes whose nature seems to be linked to the literary universe of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland have been triggered. To unravel what this mystery, the celebrated Logic Professor Arthur Seldom, also a member of the Lewis Carroll Brotherhood, and a young Mathematics student join forces in an investigation that combines intrigue with the bookish world.

From the author of The Oxford Murders.

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La rama que no existe

Gustavo Martín Garzo
La rama que no existe / The Branch That Does Not Exist

Novel, Destino (February 2019)

A love story between two wounded souls that takes us into the depths of art and emotions.

Gonzalo, a high school science teacher in a coastal Cantabrian town, falls madly in love with Claudia, the new French literature teacher. Aware that she doesn’t share his feelings, he soon becomes her friend and confidant, as well as the narrator of this story. Gonzalo watches as Claudia begins falling for Eduardo Blanchard, a famous painter in crisis who’s now retired in the region. 

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Over to You (John Berger & Yves Berger)

John Berger
Over to You (John Berger & Yves Berger)

Non-fiction, L’Atelier Contemporain (February 2019)

Over to you collects the correspondence exchanged in 2015 and 2016 between John Berger, who was no less a painter and art critic than a writer, and his son Yves Berger, himself an artist, about painting.

It all begins with a letter, a little heavier than usual... 

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Angèlica i Rafel

Miquel de Palol
Angèlica i Rafel / Angelica and Rafel

Novel, Editorial Comanegra (February 2019)

Angelica is a secret agent capable of surviving in the most chaotic and stark Barcelona imaginable. She is responsible for testing other agents for high-risk missions, but suddenly she has to take over an explosive cocktail composed by a mysterious editorial fusion, a series of spontaneous combustion cases, and theories of a man who claims the authorship of a book from 1818 that now, for some strange reason, has become a bestseller.

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Uma furtiva lágrima

Nélida Piñon
Uma furtiva lágrima / A Furtive Tear

Biography / Memoirs, Record (February 2019)

The Portuguese language in a luminous writing, in a book of memories in the line of Livro das horas. A narrative of reflections about life and death, about human relationships, love, passion and belonging in a literary exercise of rare beauty.

“[…] Literature pure, authentic, honest, born from the love toward the written word, vocation, art, beauty and creation.” Mario Vargas Llosa

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