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Over to You (John Berger & Yves Berger)

John Berger
Over to You (John Berger & Yves Berger)

Non-fiction, L’Atelier Contemporain (February 2019)

Over to you collects the correspondence exchanged in 2015 and 2016 between John Berger, who was no less a painter and art critic than a writer, and his son Yves Berger, himself an artist, about painting.

It all begins with a letter, a little heavier than usual... 

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Angèlica i Rafel

Miquel de Palol
Angèlica i Rafel / Angelica and Rafel

Novel, Editorial Comanegra (February 2019)

Angelica is a secret agent capable of surviving in the most chaotic and stark Barcelona imaginable. She is responsible for testing other agents for high-risk missions, but suddenly she has to take over an explosive cocktail composed by a mysterious editorial fusion, a series of spontaneous combustion cases, and theories of a man who claims the authorship of a book from 1818 that now, for some strange reason, has become a bestseller.

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Uma furtiva lágrima

Nélida Piñon
Uma furtiva lágrima / A Furtive Tear

Biography / Memoirs, Record (February 2019)

The Portuguese language in a luminous writing, in a book of memories in the line of Livro das horas. A narrative of reflections about life and death, about human relationships, love, passion and belonging in a literary exercise of rare beauty.

“[…] Literature pure, authentic, honest, born from the love toward the written word, vocation, art, beauty and creation.” Mario Vargas Llosa

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Los gozos y las sombras

Gonzalo Torrente Ballester
Los gozos y las sombras / Joys and Shadows

Novel, Alianza (January 2019)

The only complete edition and in one single volume of Gonzalo Torrente Ballester's most emblematic work, previously composed of The Lord Arrives (1957)Where the Air Returns (1960) and The sad Easter (1962).

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Las abismales

Jesús Ferrero
Las abismales / The Abyssal Ones

Novel, Siruela (January 2019)

The Abyssal Ones reflects upon the different forms of fear, love and desire in the current Madrid through David, a teacher who loves myths, who will guide the reader through the main plot. His girlfriend’s death will be the first of a series of strange, and apparently unrelated events that have started to occur in different parts of the city. 

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El hombre que nunca le haría daño a nadie

Roger Rubio
El hombre que nunca le haría daño a nadie / The man that would never hurt anybody

Novel, Ediciones B (January 2019)

A Crime Novel addict likes to imagine perfect murders, until someone starts committing them…

A Thriller with an original and groundbreaking plot in a Barcelona that never is what it seems.

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El bosque chileno

Pablo Neruda
El bosque chileno

Illustrated Book, Planeta Sostenible (January 2019)

El bosque chileno is part of I Confess I Have Lived, the memoirs the poet left unfinished when he died suddenly in 1973. The text is accompanied with the illustrations by the young Chilean artist Antonia Lara, and supplemented with ecological information on the main species Neruda mentions in the text.

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El rescate del mesías

Marcelo Birmajer
El rescate del mesías / The Rescue of the Messiah

Novel, Sudamericana (December 2018)

Argentina’s heir to Saul Bellow and Woody Allen

"Life was unfair. No revolutionary party, no matter how powerful, could change that."

In October 1973, Argentina is a hotbed of repression, guerrillas and revolutionary splinter groups. Perón threatens to return to power for the third time, and Israel is attacked by Egypt and Syria, sparking the Yom Kippur War. The world seems to be on the brink of disaster as stand-up comedian José Mifkad returns home one night after performing at a wedding...

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La vida de H

Alejandro Gándara
La vida de H

Novel, Salto de Página (November 2018)

Este relato surge de una pregunta sencilla y terrible: la que, en algún momento de su temprana existencia, todo niño se formula alrededor del enigma llamado muerte. Bajo la tutela de un hada que la ayuda a forjar su carácter, H vive en una ciudad, pero también en un laberinto;

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Raúl Guerra Garrido

Novel, Alianza Editorial (November 2018)

Todo empezó cuando recibí esta extraña invitación de la Watemberg para la inauguración de su galería en Madrid con una escultura que no debía ser vista por los invitados ni por la crítica. Me despertó un inusitado interés por el para mí desconocido Expósito, tanto como para que tres años después me vea publicando la autobiografía no autorizada del artista a quien no llegué a conocer en persona, 

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