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El rey recibe

Eduardo Mendoza
El rey recibe / The King Receives

Novel, Seix Barral (September 2018)

The first book in the Three Laws of Motion trilogy, which explores the major developments of the second half of the 20th century.

In the early 1970s, Rufo Batalla lands a badly paid job at the New York Chamber of Commerce. Rufo is a classical music enthusiast and recent graduate in Germanic Languages from the University of Barcelona, plagued by a restless heart not even he can tame.

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El escándalo del siglo

Gabriel García Márquez
El escándalo del siglo / The Scandal of the Century

Journalistic Work, Literatura Random House (September 2018)

Anthology of the journalistic work of Gabriel García MárquezMore than fifty representative texts throughout his career, selected by Cristóbal Pera. With prologue by John Lee Anderson.

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Les dones i els dies

Gabriel Ferrater
Les dones i els dies / Las mujeres y los días

Poetry, Ed. 62 (September 2018)

It is without a doubt one of the most important Catalan poetry books of the second half of the 20th century.

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Todas as crônicas

Clarice Lispector
Todas as crônicas / Complete Chronicles

Non-fiction, Rocco (August 2018)

After the impressive success of Todos os Contos, this definitive edition contains all of this legendary Brazilian author’s chronicles, with over 120 unpublished texts. 

Clarice Lispector's stories for the Jornal do Brasil were written “with a flying pen” between 1967 and 1973. This volume, which includes texts published in other newspapers and magazines, finally gives us a panoramic view.

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El buque del diablo

Ildefonso Arenas
El buque del diablo / The ship of the devil

Novel, Edhasa (June 2018)

This is the story not only of Goeben, but also of the man who commanded it; the story of a man who, acting on his own, under his own criteria, changed the destiny of the world.

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Venjaré la teva mort

Carme Riera
Venjaré la teva mort / I’ll Avenge Your Death

Novel, Proa (May 2018)

A return to the crime genre by Carme Riera, winner of Spain’s National Literature Prize and member of the Royal Spanish Academy

After Natura quasi morta (Almost Still Life), Carme Riera is back with another crime novel. This thriller combines all the key elements of the genre with the author’s characteristic mastery, irony and social criticism.

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El asesino tímido

Clara Usón
El asesino tímido / The Shy Assassin

Novel, SEIX BARRAL (April 2018)

Built around suicide, which Camus considered the only truly serious philosophical problem, Clara Usón has written a novel based on her own history, full of humour, philosophy, and devastating revelations. Clara Usón explores Sandra Mozarowski’s turbulent career as an actress in Spanish nude films in the 70s, and draws parallels with her own life. The actress died at the age of 18 after throwing herself off the balcony of her home, although rumour has it she was murdered by Spain’s intelligence services ...

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Paisajes en movimiento. Literatura y cambio cultural entre dos siglos

Gustavo Guerrero
Paisajes en movimiento. Literatura y cambio cultural entre dos siglos

Non-fiction, Eterna Cadencia (March 2018)

Catedrático, crítico, editor de larga trayectoria en Gallimard y ganador del XXXVI Premio Anagrama de Ensayo, Guerrero recorre la poesía y la narrativa hispanoamericanas así como la edición en español de las últimas tres décadas, en busca de continuidades y disrupciones entre el ahora y el pasado reciente.

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Crui. Els portadors de la torxa

Joan Buades
Crui. Els portadors de la torxa

Novel, Més Llibres (March 2018)

An exploration of the limits of Evil and our individual and collective capacity to build perfect stories where life is made of darning and cracks.

Albert Lovain, 95, millionaire and Belgian philanthropist established in Mallorca, is preparing to say goodbye to life with a great family encounter. A news arrival from London, however, opens a crack (that means the 'crui' of the title) and ends up revealing its Nazi past. The tourist boom, the Francoist elites, the black holes of international finance, the mysteries of the human soul and the darkest shadows of European history are some of the main themes of the work.

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Permiso para quejarse. Lo que el dolor cuenta de ti

Jordi Montero
Permiso para quejarse. Lo que el dolor cuenta de ti / Permission to complain. What pain tells about you

Non-fiction, EDITORIAL ARIEL (February 2018)

“Emotions are what rules us, the most important element of our brain"

Dr Jordi Montero wanted to put everything he’d learned about pain in his long career as a neurologist down in black and white. The result is a fascinating book. With his down-to-earth, sometimes even irreverent style, Montero gives us permission to complain to our heart’s content. In exchange, he offers us something many doctors seem to have forgotten. He looks into our eyes as he listens to us, and once he understands what’s happening, he warmly explains the causes of our illness and all of its implications.

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