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La hechicera, el gato y el demonio

Manuel Lozano Leyva
La hechicera, el gato y el demonio

Non-fiction, Debate (April 2023)

Un estimulante viaje a traves de los experimentos imaginados de la física que han puesto a nuestras mentes a jugar.

¿Que relación guarda una competición de atletismo entre una tortuga y el campeón Aquiles con nuestra noción de infinito? ¿En que medida afectan los movimientos de un demonio del siglo XIX a la hora de refrigerar nuestros ordenadores? ¿Pueden ayudar a explicar dos hermanos nadando en un río la teoría especial de la relatividad? 

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Breu història del mandat

Borja Bagunyà
Breu història del mandat

Non-fiction, Fragmenta (March 2023)

En el episodio del sacrificio de Isaac (Génesis, 22), Dios simplemente dice «¡Abraham!» y Abraham responde «Aquí me tienes». No sabemos nada de la voz de Dios, ni si es una voz interior que el patriarca oye en la cabeza o si le llega resonando desde el cielo...

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Pregària a Prosèrpina

Albert Sánchez Piñol
Pregària a Prosèrpina / Prayer to Proserpina

Novel, La Campana (March 2023)

An irresistible combination of historical novel and uchronia, a fast-paced adventure that grips the reader until the very last page.

The young Quintus Tullius Cicero, son of the great orator and eminent Roman senator, is upset when his father sends him off to Africa on a very peculiar mission.

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La desconocida (con Olivier Truc)

Rosa Montero
La desconocida (con Olivier Truc) / The Unknown Woman

Novel, Alfaguara (March 2023)

Rosa Montero, una de las autoras más queridas y premiadas en lengua española, vuelve a la novela negra, esta vez acompañada por Olivier Truc, ganador del Premio Quais du Polar, el más prestigioso galardón francés del género policiaco.

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La puta y el hurón

Martha Luisa Hernández Cadenas
La puta y el hurón / The Ferret and the Whore

Novel, Caballo de Troya (March 2023)

A grim underground portrait of today's Cuba, where young people struggle to shake off the vestiges of Castroism.

From Monday to Saturday, Mary is a young and talented artist who moves like a fish in water in the artistic, bohemian and fringe circles of Havana. But on Sundays, Mary becomes the sex toy of a high official of the regime. 

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No callar. Crónicas, ensayos y artículos 2000-2022

Javier Cercas
No callar. Crónicas, ensayos y artículos 2000-2022

Non-fiction, Tusquets (February 2023)

The most lucid, dazzling texts by a writer of international stature, finally collected together in an anthology that makes for compulsive reading.

No callar tackles everything from the hottest defining issues of the current historical moment (populism, post-truth and fake news, storytelling, surveillance capitalism, threats to democracy, new authoritarianisms) to their repercussions in the Spanish world (a review of the Transition and the Civil War, the disorientation of the left, the discredit of the institutions, partocracy, the lack of consensus, etc.), and the local manifestations of all this, such as Catalan secessionism.

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Un bárbaro en París. Textos sobre la cultura francesa

Mario Vargas Llosa
Un bárbaro en París. Textos sobre la cultura francesa / A Barbarian in Paris

Non-fiction, Alfaguara (February 2023)

Un bárbaro en París is an exclusive compilation of texts dedicated to French culture, not only as reflected by its great writers, but also by intellectuals such as Sartre, Camus, Aron and Revel. It brings to light Mario Vargas Llosa’s love of French literature, further confirmed by his recent election to the Académie Française. In fact, Vargas Llosa is the first member not to have written a work in French and the book includes his previously unpublished induction speech.

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Iván de la Nuez
Posmo / Posmo

Non-fiction, Consonni (February 2023)

Memories from beyond the grave of a very much alive intellectual.

In 2015 Iván de la Nuez was astonished to discover that a Havana funeral parlour had issued his death certificate because of a bureaucratic error. In this new role of being officially certified as dead, Iván de la Nuez reviews his main intellectual concerns: current political affairs, Cuba, the confrontation between communism and capitalism, and the artistic avant-garde.

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La mestra i la Bèstia

Imma Monsó
La mestra i la Bèstia / The Teacher and the Beast

Novel, Anagrama (February 2023)

The story of a special person, a woman who grows up in the silence of the Franco regime and opens herself up to the world in a mountain village where the wounds of the past still fester.

September 1962. A young teacher who is unsure of her vocation and struggles to communicate takes up her first post in a school in the Pyrenees. There, she fulfils her ambitions: to have a job and live in a village in a house from where she can watch the snow fall.

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Oda a una estrella (Ilustrado)

Pablo Neruda
Oda a una estrella (Ilustrado) / Ode to a Star

Illustrated Book, Zorro Rojo (February 2023)
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