Nunca fui primera dama

Nunca fui primera dama

Novela , 2008

Ediciones B

Sensual, con sentido del humor e ironía, retrata con profundidad la realidad cubana y las personalidad de tres mujeres, representantes de tres generaciones distintas. Celia Sánchez, Albis Torres y Nadia Guerra trenzan con sus peripecias existenciales la historia, con minúscula, de la vida cubana desde los años de la Revolución a la actualidad.

“A revelatory tale of the Cuban Revolution’s impact on a family... Guerra holds the reader’s attention by evoking Cuba’s political tempest in Havana’s humid, salty air. It adds up to an effectively moody, intimate story.” Publisher's Weekly

“In Wendy Guerra’s writing, Cuba is a character, a cosmic force, the loneliest place, the only place. [...] Guerra’s own unpredictable book is haunting, complicated, [and] linguistically beautiful.” The New York Times

“Moving around in time and space, I Was Never the First Lady juxtaposes decades’ worth of Cuban history with the story of a mother and daughter, each struggling to create art.” Words Without Borders

“A multilayered novel...Nadia's, her mother's, and Celia's stories provide fascinating insights into the female dimension of an infamously macho revolution.” Booklist

“This is Wendy Guerra at her best. I Was Never The First Lady is a beautiful, disturbing, intimately-told novel about the existential orphanhood of women in a Cuba where Fidel’s Castro’s revolution has upended notions of family, individual identity and national belonging. Unforgettable.”  Jon Lee Anderson

“Guerra’s novel is a grand if bittersweet valentine to Cuba.” Kirkus Reviews

“[Guerra is] a staggering talent.”